Deck Your Doors Wreath Workshop

Fall is here…if only for a short time. With plenty of fall colors occurring on our grounds this month we couldn’t be more inspired to craft a little something to celebrate this wonderful (but crazy) time of year!

This year we kicked off  fall with  “Deck Your Doors: Festive Wreath Workshop” just a few weeks ago.   I wanted to share a few of  our participants’ wonderful creations and tips for your DIY wreath (and maybe a little inspiration as well).

Our supplies included:

3’ x  ¾” pipe insulator (acting as our wreath base) At about $1 for 6’ this is quite a steal compared to the $5-7 foam bases found at craft stores.
Large head pins
Faux and real floral pieces
Glue gun and glue sticks

… And ta da! Well sort of…

Wrap the entire wreath base with burlap or ribbon (so the wreath can be “finished” on both sides, as you are only placing the burlap squares on one side).  Next, cut about a yard & 1/2 of burlap into pieces of 4”x4” then fold all 4 corners into one point- creating a bubble effect with the piece of fabric.  Place a pin at the corner of each piece (making sure to stab through all 4 corners) then pin into the wreath base.

Repeat this step placing pieces randomly or in a pattern- about 3 across the width of the wreath.

Adorn with pieces of faux or real floral with a glue gun.

Attach a ribbon to the back of the wreath with pins or loop through the center of the wreath.

P.S. try adding a bedazzled pin for a glitzy touch!

Please share your DIY wreath creations with us!


Happy Crafting!


-Shayna Shia

Educator/ Graphic Designer

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