4 Questions When Searching for Your Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding can be very taxing! But don’t worry, that’s why there are professionals out there to help.

A wedding planner can wear many hats but most of them love what they do and they do it well. A wedding planner not only plans but they will also cheer you on, encourage you to keep going, help you be creative and so much more. I’m going to share with you a few things that you should take with you when looking for your wedding planner.

Here is an interview on a local wedding planner that I have had the privilege to see first hand what she is capable of.

Name: Rayna Ortwein                 Company:  Always Planned

Background: I am fromEastern Kentucky and have moved all over. I settled inLexington where I attendedUK and then started AP in January of 2008.

Inspiration: I love planning and entertaining but my best ideas come from beautiful architecture and life experiences.

Mission Statement: My goal is to have at least 4 people in the bridal party, at every wedding, to give a compliment. If my team does not receive that then we know that we need to sit back and evaluate what we need to do better. I strive to exceed any and all expectations.

My favorite part about my job is meeting people and having the opportunity to be a part of their big day. My favorite part of any wedding is the bride getting her dress on, father/daughter dances, the first reveal moment with the bride and groom, and all the intimate details that go on behind the scenes. One of my favorite stories is from a wedding here at theHeadley-WhitneyMuseum. The bride and groom were having their first dance and as I stood to the side with the bride’s mother, we hugged and cried together over the beautiful sight we were witnessing.

What’s Next: I’m always looking to meet new and interesting people for inspiration. I’ve very excited for a wedding that is coming up here at the HWM. I have a couple that is fromSouth Africa. The groom is a hunter so to make things unique we are going to hang antler chandeliers under the tent. We are also creating a cigar and bourbon lounge!

Here a few tips that Rayna recommends for couples:

As the wedding day approaches, the couple should take a moment and reflect on what they are about to do and remember that what is most important is that they are joining their lives together. You should always trust your wedding planner and let her take control the day of the wedding, the bride should concentrate on enjoying every moment!

Staff: Rayna has a great staff that she works with to help make the special day perfect


Rayna Ortwein, Lead Event Producer & Designer

Mallory Harmon, Lead Event Producer

Stephanie Carlon, Intern

As we end this interview, I would like to say that I have personally worked with Rayna and I have witnessed the passion she has for what she does. This is something that is essential in every wedding planner. She takes care of her brides and more importantly, she truly cares about them. Really get to know your wedding planner and make sure she understands you and your vision before any contract is made. It is good to have a strong working relationship for something so important!

You can contact Rayna at Always Planned
Email: rayna@alwaysplanned.comPhone: 859.619.1841

Website: www.alwaysplanned.com

About Headley Whitney Museum

We are a decorative arts museum located in the heart of the Bluegrass. Opened in 1968 by George Headley III, a noted jewelry designer from the mid-twentieth century. Our permanent collection includes the Marylou Whitney Estate dollhouses, Library, Jewel Room and galleries for temporary exhibitions.
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