Art After Hours at the Living Arts & Science Center

We began the first stop of our autumn Art After Hours tour at The Living Arts & Science Center.  LASC was incorporated in 1968 (the same year that the Headley-Whitney was founded!) and has been going strong ever since, offering many fun, engaging programs throughout the community in addition to hosting art classes, exhibits, and more!

LASC is housed in a beautiful, historic facility.  Built in 1847 by George B. Kinkead (who became Abraham Lincoln’s lawyer in 1850), the Kinkead House stands at the corner of Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard and Fourth Street in historic downtown Lexington and played a very important role in Lexington’s history.  The House has been elegantly divided for modern times, housing beautiful exhibits for adults and children alike as well as four classrooms, and truly has something to suit every taste.

During our tour of the facility, we received a sneak peek of LASC’s new Discovery Exhibit.  Each year, the LASC completely outfits one of its rooms to suit a different science theme.  The Discovery Exhibit provides hands-on exploration of themes like The Architecture of Life, Energy on the Move, and has been everything from a desert to a cave, transforming each year to create an entirely new educational experience for visitors of all ages.  This year’s Discovery Exhibit is FOREST FINDINGS and within we found all the parts of a true forest!  A plentitude of activities allow children of all ages to explore the forest community.  From dressing up as forest creatures, to making leaf prints, and checking out the “canopy” from a ranger station, the Discovery Exhibit was a blast even for adults!  The exhibit even includes a slide to drop observers from the canopy back to the floor—and we proved that you’re never too old for a slide!

Our tour also took us to see Willie Rascoe’s exhibit, THE CORE OF NATURE’S BEAUTY: Art of an African American Folk Artist in the Gloria Singletary Gallery, the exterior exhibits, classroom space and art installations around the grounds of the facility.  The grounds are as beautiful as they are extensive, and there is truly something for everyone at the LASC.

Our journey continued upstairs where we painted masks for LASC’s Sixth Annual Festival del Dia de los Muertos celebration (The Day of the Dead Festival).  Each year, the LASC celebrates this colorful holiday with traditional dance, music, crafts, a candlelight parade, and more!  We decorated skeleton masks with paint and seeds to be put up at the Old Episcopal Burying Ground (the traditional destination of their Dia de los Muertos parade).  It was fun to see how other Art After Hours participants interpreted Dia de los Muertos and decorated their skulls!  The masks were purposely designed to evolve and change with the weather, and we can’t wait to see them installed at the cemetery!

The Living Arts & Science Center was definitely a fun stop for our first Art After Hours of the fall, and is truly a wonderful Lexington institution.  We enjoyed mingling and chatting with the staff while enjoying tasty finger sandwiches provided by Selma’s Catering, in addition to seeing many familiar faces from the Spring’s Art After Hours stops.  Be sure to join us for our next stop on October 17 at Sisophromatem Art Foundation!

For more information about The Living Arts & Science Center and their variety of programming, please visit their website at  For more information about Art After Hours and to RSVP for future events, please visit the Art After Hours Facebook page at .  

About Headley Whitney Museum

We are a decorative arts museum located in the heart of the Bluegrass. Opened in 1968 by George Headley III, a noted jewelry designer from the mid-twentieth century. Our permanent collection includes the Marylou Whitney Estate dollhouses, Library, Jewel Room and galleries for temporary exhibitions.
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  1. Lasc Staff says:

    What a great event! Thanks for the sweet write-up! And if you didn’t see pics from the event, you can right here:

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