Jewelry Month at the Museum

September has been an especially fun month at the Museum.  In the spirit of our founder George Headley’s passion for jewelry, we declared September “Jewelry Month” and have had a fun series of workshops teaching a variety of fun techniques.

On September 8, we held our Retro Glamour Jewelry workshop.  We invited participants to bring pieces from their own collection to be combined and re-imagined into new statement jewelry to compliment their fall wardrobes.  Participants brought a bit of everything—from mismatched earrings, to old brooches, to favorite bracelets that have become too tight with age, in addition to pieces from our selection of costume jewelry that we repurposed into new jewelry.  After arranging and rearranging pieces into different configurations, we showed participants how to attach their designs to a thick, gold-toned chain to create entirely new styles!  The resulting pieces were truly unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that were distinctly modern while harkening back to a bygone era.  Best of all, everyone left with a completed piece to take home and show off!


On September 22, Kelly Graves of Whimsy Beading joined us for another workshop, this time teaching right angle bead-weaving with her gorgeous Nouveau Pearl necklace.  I was quite impressed at how easily this beautiful piece came together; normally one for preplanning, I was caught short and didn’t get a tutorial from Kelly until the evening before (and in a bustling restaurant no less!)  Nevertheless, I was amazed at how quickly this beautiful necklace came together to create a truly unique statement piece—and so were our participants!  All of our participants took home a beautiful new necklace to compliment their fall wardrobes.  Additionally, we had participants decide the design to be taught at the next class, selecting a beautiful Swarovski crystal and pearl pendant and earring set that we will be hosting on December 15, just in time for the holidays!

About Headley Whitney Museum

We are a decorative arts museum located in the heart of the Bluegrass. Opened in 1968 by George Headley III, a noted jewelry designer from the mid-twentieth century. Our permanent collection includes the Marylou Whitney Estate dollhouses, Library, Jewel Room and galleries for temporary exhibitions.
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